Zero Hour – Chapter 5

Lucas pushed past Trevor and Isabel and leaned down towards the computer. “We absolutely should. What the hell did you do to me?”

Lady Morrow pursed her lips for a moment before answering. “I saved your life.”

“Yeah, a little too well. Why can’t I die? Who is the Nameless?”

“I can’t answer all of your questions… ” Lady Morrow stopped mid-sentence and stared at Lucas for a moment. “Who’s the Nameless? You mean… oh, you gave him a name. I bet he hates that. I imagine him fuming.” The edge of her mouth twitched upwards.

Behind Lucas, Trevor coughed. “It was my idea, actually.”

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Zero Hour – Chapter 4

The pulsing sensation led Lucas across the lake once again.

His feet trembled as he took steps off of the ice and back onto solid ground. Before him was a crude assembly of man-made structures, a perversion of the white plain that stretched out on all sides of him. He wanted to tear the structures down, to scatter them to dust, but he knew that even the dust would pervert the world around him.

Instead, he stepped inside. The pulsing drew him further and further, deep into the base. Rooms became tunnels, and tunnels became shafts which led ever downwards, down towards the revelation…

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